FujiFilm Galaxy Project

FujiFilm Galaxy Project

Project Overview

Fabrication of modular pipe racks for DSM1, DSM2 & DPFG buildings and fabrication of Buffer Prep and Media Prep process skids for DSM1 & DSM2 buildings.

Modular pipe racks consisting of two types of racks

  • Structural steel pipe racks
  • Hilti manufactured pipe racks.

All steel and Hilti pipe racks were assembled and piping installed in UPSi partner shop in Catano Puerto Rico and shipped to the mainland for installation at the FujiFilm facilities.

UPSi assisted on the rigging of the pipe racks and performed all interconnections and water fall pipe.

UPSi performed fabrication of Buffer Prep and Media Prep Process Skids at Ve UPSi Modular Skids shop at Vega Baja PR, and also assisted on rigging and assembly and performed interconnection of the skids for DSM1 & DSM2 at Fujifilm facilities.