We Launched Our New WordPress Website!

UltraPure Systems New WordPress Website from TheeDigital

UltraPure Systems is excited to introduce you to our brand new WordPress website, created by the award-winning website design and digital marketing agency, TheeDigital. We knew our website needed an overhaul to make it more modern and better reflect our 25+ years in business. We also wanted to ensure our website was easy to navigate and use no matter what device you’re on, so you could have the best possible experience while you’re here. We are thrilled with the result and hope you are too!

Our new award-winning website is built on WordPress utilizing the most recent web design trends. Our new web content management system lets us be more proactive in updating and maintaining our website content as it’s so easy to use. Now, we will easily be able to post new photos, videos, and information to keep you up to date on the latest news as well what’s going on with us.

What We Wanted

When we sat down with TheeDigital to discuss what we wanted for our website, we had our customers in mind - we wanted customers to enjoy being on our website. We wanted clean, crisp design with an intuitive navigation that allows a user to find exactly what they are looking for without worrying about text that’s hard to see or pages that are slow to load. We wanted a site that utilized fully responsive web design technology, so our customers can easily find information about UltraPure Systems, Inc., check out images, and view our project gallery on any size screen or device: mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Easy Updates for Accurate, Up-to-Date Info

We also needed a website we could easily update and add new projects to. UltraPure Systems, Inc. and the [ProductService] industry moves fast, and we wanted a website that any of us could update with new projects or services. Instead of having to bring a developer in for every update, we can do it all ourselves, and we are able to share new photos, videos, product/service reviews, and so much more instantly.

Before our site was ready to launch, TheeDigital provided comprehensive training so we could get the most out of our website. We love how simple it is to manage different operations in one place, so we can spend less time doing admin and operations tasks and more time working on new projects.

UltraPure Systems New WordPress Website from TheeDigital

Search Engine Optimization

We wanted you to be able to find us easily, whether you came straight to our site or, more likely,  were looking for our services on Google. The marketing team at TheeDigital follows the latest internet marketing trends and knows the how to leverage search engine optimization techniques that make it easy for our current and future clients to find us on Google and other important search engines. Because our website now offers fast load times and a mobile-friendly design in addition to strategic keyword usage, optimized images, and relevant content, we are much more visible in search engine results and are excited for the opportunity to work with more customers!.

Custom Design for Improved Performance & Security

While WordPress offers endless customization through plugins, we know that too many plugins can slow down our site’s load time, or if they aren’t from reputable sources, they can cause security issues. TheeDigital helped us choose the essential plugins that are well-known for their quality, functionality, and security so we can have the features that will benefit our clients without any of the concerns.  

Project Gallery

UltraPure Systems, Inc. has been in business for 25+ years. That adds up to thousands of projects. And we wanted a way to display these amazing jobs we have worked on over all these years. So we worked with TheeDigital to develop a custom project gallery where we can easily add new (and old) projects easily. With the click of a button we can add an extensive photo gallery showcasing our excellent work, and detailing the project from start to finish. We look forward to building out our project gallery!

Detailed Invitation to Bid Request

One of the most important options on our new website is the Invitation to Bid form. Businesses who are interested in working with UltraPure Systems, Inc. can now simply fill out our new, streamlined form. The invitation is then seamlessly sent to our team who will review it and get back to the person who submitted it quickly.

Looking Towards the Future

We are proud of the new UltraPure Systems, Inc. website and hope you enjoy it, too. After meeting with TheeDigital, we felt confident they understood our goals to create an excellent visitor experience, make it easy to find us online, and simplify site updates. Be sure to browse around and explore some of the new features, and check out our new Project Gallery as it grows. If you are interested in finding out more about custom web design or internet marketing, visit our friends at TheeDigital.